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My philosophy in life and business is to add value before I add an invoice, by that I mean that I would rather never work with you if I didn’t first give you something that challenged you to be more or at least become more.

Who I am isn’t as important as who I am because of someone else, and someone else is God and people…mostly God but also people…people who influenced me, people whose lives interrupted and intercepted mine and who love me despite me. I have not been a Thought Leader all my life, but all my life I have been destined to be one, so what on earth is a Thought Leader?

It’s a person brave or stupid enough to put their ideas, thoughts, opinions and perspectives out there, to give to the world so it can be thrashed and trashed by critics and cynics in the hopes that we have something worth sharing,

something worth daring! Ok it’s not that bad, as a matter of fact it’s awesome to be able to share perspective with people who leave a little different, a little changed or at least a little challenged.

I have a different perspective on life, or world view perhaps, I don’t see color I am color blind, no not the literal kind but rather the kind induced by upbringing and choice. I don’t see people of color I see people of potential. I think that PC is a load of BS, it’s a way to hide behind what scares us, instead of owning who we are as individuals and races and religions!

I can’t change the way you think, just challenge you to think for a change.

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Excellence Ambassador Programme

Bytes Managed Solutions

Another exciting consulting project where I am partnering with the HR and Marketing team to drive an Ambassador program. A selected group of around 30 people from various parts of the business and country are put together with the task of designing and delivering a culture of innovation and solution. I facilitate a program over three months to challenge and motivate new thinking and deliver excellence through attitude and focus. They return to their teams and their purpose as Excellence Ambassadors with a message that there is the obvious and with obvious comes opportunities! “Leadership is not about glory, it’s about victory!

Sales is the key to profit

Mad Giant

Sales is the key to profit! I work hand in hand with the sales team, coaching and guiding them through sales language, thinking and process. The program challenged mindsets around “Intrepreneurship” and running a business within a business. Through a combination of theory and live outcomes based training the team learned that business is all about relationships and that with a real reason you get a real result. It’s no longer business to business, its people to people. – “New customer acquisition increased by up to 300%. The reason Wes’ training is so effective is because he challenges perspective on why we do what we do” – CEO.

Able Leadership

South Sudan Government

On invite by the Government of South Sudan, for the Ministry of the Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management, I was asked to present at a UN sponsored conference. I addressed key leaders including the Minister and Undersecretary. I spoke on Able Leadership – The impact that effective leadership can have on a country and a cause. It went viral and the message was far reaching, but more than that was the honor that goes along with serving Africa. – “His performance in the high-profile training events and coaching sessions in my opinion, indicates that Wes would be an extremely positive influence and inspiration to any organization” – Director.

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When there’s a real reason there’s a real result.

Stop instilling fear and start instilling focus.

If you are not aware of the journey you are on you will end up in a destination that is wrong.

Leadership is not about glory, it’s about victory.

We are all the same but we cast different shadows.

Some people’s tests are harder than others.

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