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Moving perspective by one degree so that you see a different result

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My philosophy in life and business is to add value before I add an invoice, by that I mean that I would rather never work with you if I didn’t first give you something that challenged you to be more or at least become more.

Who I am isn’t as important as who I am because of someone else, and someone else is God and people…mostly God but also people…people who influenced me, people whose lives interrupted and intercepted mine and who love me despite me. I have not been a Thought Leader all my life, but all my life I have been destined to be one, so what on earth is a Thought Leader?

It’s a person brave or stupid enough to put their ideas, thoughts, opinions and perspectives out there, to give to the world so it can be thrashed and trashed by critics and cynics in the hopes that we have something worth sharing,

something worth daring! Ok it’s not that bad, as a matter of fact it’s awesome to be able to share perspective with people who leave a little different, a little changed or at least a little challenged.

I have a different perspective on life, or world view perhaps, I don’t see color I am color blind, no not the literal kind but rather the kind induced by upbringing and choice. I don’t see people of color I see people of potential. I think that PC is a load of BS, it’s a way to hide behind what scares us, instead of owning who we are as individuals and races and religions!

I can’t change the way you think, just challenge you to think for a change.

WES | Articles

WES | Moving Perspective

What makes you Super Woman?


Executive Assistants make the business a place of efficiency. This program was aimed their top Executive Assistants, women with drive and determination. A high energy program that looked at the power of a woman within a mans world. Key decision making and making the right call when needed. The perspectives of leading through being a lady and the hub of the business. A better theme could not have been found – What makes you Super Woman?

Renewed Sense of Ownership

Mfuwe Lodge

This was the second invite to Mfuwe Lodge in Zambia, this project covered an intense six-day training program in areas of Front of House, Food and Beverage, House Keeping and Managers and Guides. While one group was given the technical training on House Keeping and Food and Beverage, the other group was given high impact training on leadership, staff coaching and customer care, with around 100 staff going through the program. The key was group work which offered hands on practical, scenario sketching and theory. The staff were left with a renewed sense of ownership and highly motivated to run their departments like it was their own business.

Strategic Market Positioning

Hyatt Hotels and One Nine One Restaurant

Capturing your unique identity and personality is not just something we do for people but also for business. The One Nine One Restaurant is one of Joburg’s top restaurants, I ran a program where we defined and refined values, team culture, and strategic market positioning. The personality of the staff and establishment is now on an exciting journey that will match their amazing food!

WES | Quotes

Leaders need to transform people, not transfer people.

What we do as people and business needs to be repeatable and reputable.

Value isn’t in opinion, it’s in perspective.

In life you go with your heart, in business you go with your head, in making the right choice you go with your gut.

We are all the same but we cast different shadows.

Some people’s tests are harder than others.

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